Tender Passion

The ideal space.


Here we are! Right at the beginning of this story…who ever knows the way it turns out to be? I would like to believe that Luis Barragán wouldn’t have expected his worldwide influence when he first started. His magnificent way to express ‘mexicaness’ in such an elegant & pure manner requires a genius. To commemorate his appeal for great simplicity & natural materials, I have put together key elements to re-create my interpretation of his sense of comfort, warmth & cosiness.

For this the water courtyard at Casa Galvez has served as source of inspiration. To set up the tone we shall remember that Casa Galvez was a project full of influences by Barragán’s recent travels to Morocco, which mixed with his views resulted into a colourful relationship with nature. We embrace the game of a contemporary eclectic approach, where architecture, art, fabulous furniture design & nature are combined in harmony. Each individual piece here presented hopes to reflect that.

I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery
— Luis Barragán


Seems obvious that rose pink is the predominant binder of it all, yet looking deeper these pieces represent much more. This apparent monochrome proposal intends to achieve the total interior atmosphere whilst bringing forward the true soul of the pieces selected.

Purity & tenderness of natural materials is key; like the madrona curl finish of the Moore low cabinet that can bring sophisticated gentle warmth to a room. Too a vintage Spratling’ leather sit or the honesty of an alabaster wall light that shines through the stone quality.

The presence of a cotton seat & wool carpet always brings a welcoming & comfortable feeling. In this case Grapy was chosen after a long research because the idea is to have a balance of materiality & comfort consciousness rather than only looks.

A contemporary interior has metallic elements; a brass chandelier, or a great unique piece like Ceccotti’s brass floating bookcase or in smaller details like a vase. Stretching further India’s room divider presents a great balance of all elements, soft velvet in dashing colour combination. What counts is the meaning.

Art as an extension of oneself, hence this most be present. We propose a partial dialog between Barragán & Freeman where resembling the calm & peace of water is intended. Then at last, ‘Acercamiento Olímpico’, photographic artwork of the Olympic sculptures embodies the grandeur of qualities & proportions of Luis Barragán’s designs.

Whether in the same interior or apart, this selection of pieces could also perfectly compose a space full of that expected flair, the kind of space that is sweet & soothing yet unexpectedly alluring & stimulating home decor.

  1. Vise: Polished copper & apricot to green hand-blown glass. D73.7xH58.4cm Bec Brittain 2016

  2. Eclypse: Brass & velvet screen. L100xW4xH180cm India Mahdavi 2016

  3. Grapy: 100% cotton upholstered seat & a mix of polystyrene and chopped foam rubber filling. L70xW100xH60cm Design Kensaku Oshiro for GAN

  4. Moore: Maple low cabinet with external madrona curl finish & gold calacatta marble top. L251xW51.5xH95cm Design Roberto Lazzeroni for Giorgetti 2016

  5. Staking Vessel: Limited edition crafted wood, copper glass & clear glass vase. Utopia & Utility 2012

  6. Cold Cut Coaster: Limited edition rug. Design Chen Chen & Kai Williams for Tai Ping 2016

  7. Butaquito: William Spratling 1955

  8. Aura: Sans-cast bronze & alabaster scone wall light. D20xW11cm Design Anne Jacquemin Sablon 2016

  9. Golden Cage: Freestanding bookcase in natural hand sanded brass. L120xW80xH200cm Design Vincenzo De Cotiis for Ceccotti Collezioni

Some projects that also portrait my interpretation of Barragán's tender passion are showing the presence of warm materials, stimulating gentle colour palette & naturally lit bright spaces. Raw wall textures, exposed wooden beams, soft textiles, contrasting black & yellow touches, impeccably selected art & a constant touch of vintage or uniqueness, seem to be the formula to achieve an interior with tender passion.

A like Casa Galvez some of these projects show an inclination to aspire with nostalgia by merging modern with vintage design. Furthermore they all present a great awareness for the relationship with the outdoor nature too. In my eyes they all celebrate the diversity of interior design to the point where they could be the ideal space for Luis Barragán!

  1. La Cueva en Pilares: Architecture by Greefield-Kenji Lopez/ Coahuila, Mexico/ AD Mexico, december 2015

  2. Le Village d'Andermatt: Interior architecture by Pierre Yovanovitch/ Swizerland/ ELLE Decoration Belgique, december 2016

  3. Apartamento: Interior design by Francesco Cavallo/ Florence, Italy/ AD Italy, november 2016

  4. Unknown/

  5. Muralla Roja: Architecture by Ricardo Bofill 1968/ Calp, Spain

  6. Lisa Jones' private renovation/ Shelter Island, USA

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