Eclectic Soul

A personal collection.


After a decade of having a close relationship with architecture and interior design I have collected not only a large archive of diverse influences but also an ability to merge them into further inspiration. Art, aesthetics, photography, balance, culture, textures, materials, colours, furniture, vintage, design, objects, lifestyle and the trends that surround us have allowed me to carve my own style with real solid foundations. It has given me an eye for developing design concepts.

Driven by the urge of conveying this I have created a new weekly interior design blog with the intention to share the way I view design through proposals that portrait my styling capacity and why not, also my personality.

My passion for developing design concepts has been the engine of this project. Capturing the essence of each scheme and sourcing the material to express each concept into mood boards that will give life to a project, is highly exciting to me! All of my know-how and some of my most beloved skills are put into practice in every step of this process.

So I happily present these mood boards as proposals for the true design lovers, for the architects too busy for interior research, for the burned interior designers craving for more stimulation, for the enthusiasts that are hungry for singularities and for those curious to explore new ideas with an eclectic soul.


Expect then a gentle explosion on the upcoming mood board inspired by my fellow countryman and admired architect Luis Barragán. See you next week on Sunday 14/01 at night to discover the first proposal post!